About the BSGA


The British Schools Gymnastics Association was formed to promote participation in, and the development of gymnastics in UK schools.It embraces all gymnastics disciplines and is fully inclusive of able bodied children and those with disabilities.

Working alongside other national bodies such as British Gymnastics, the BSGA offers alternative competition pathways for novice and intermediate gymnasts whilst also encouraging elite performers to excel in their disciplines at the same events.

The BSGA is a registered charity. You can see our constitution here.

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Milano is the official national clothing sponsor to the BSGA. Click the logo to visit their site and explore their range of leotards and accessories. You can also purchase from their stands at many of the BSGA events.

Affiliated school teams are eligible for a 5% discount too!

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National Committee

  • Click here for a full contact list of the National Committee with their  roles



Please read the Code of Conduct and EDI Policy


Contact Us

The BSGA is run entirely by volunteers, most of who have full-time jobs. This means you are most likely to get responses to enquiries during the evenings or at weekends.

Please bear with us if it takes a little time to answer your questions!

  • For enquiries about the website and online affiliation email Chris Edwards
  • For enquiries about offline affiliation or other region-specific questions, contact your regional secretary.
  • For enquiries about specific events, please contact the organiser (usually referenced in the event information page) or the regional coordinator for that discipline (check the ‘Regions’ menu)
  • For enquiries about the Handbook, please contact Vicki Sly
  • For enquiries about payments please contact Kathy Jefferies