*** Running Order Published ***

*** Order your event clothing now!! ***

The Milano National Team Finals are being held at Fenton Manor on the 10th  and 11th march 2017.

Entries must be received by 5th February please!

Regional organisers should download the entry form and fill in the sheet for your region.


Note that the regional numbers have changed from previous years.  You must be sure to give the schools their new numbers so that any emailed music can be associated with the correct school.


Milano Team National Final Tee Shirts and Hoodies.

This year’s Tee-shirts and hoodies are a fetching shade of charcoal grey with a teal print.  (That’s the colour, not a duck!)

Tees are £10,  Hoodies are £30 and are available now for< pre-order only through your regional reps.  (click the Regions menu above and look for your regional officers)

Orders must be placed before March 1st and there will not be any extras on the day.

Sizes: 7-8; 9-11; 12-13; S; M; L; XL etc
Any queries, please contact Vicki Royston.


Running Order – Friday (U16 and U19)

Download (XLS, 48KB)


Running Order – Saturday (U11 and U13)

Download (XLS, 40KB)