The East Region Trampoline Championships were held on Sunday 19th November at Hitchin Boy’s School.

Many thanks to everyone who came along to participate, coach, officiate and spectate. I hope you all had a great time!

Congratulations to all of the qualifiers (top 5 individuals + top 2 teams).

Details and the entry form for the Central Zone competition are now available here. Please get your entries in before Christmas!



Here are the full results from the competition


And here are the certificates for you to print on the blanks that were provided

Unzip the file and find the folder containing your school’s certificates as PDF files.

You can print them either individually, or by using this PowerShell command to print all of the files in a folder:

Get-ChildItem "C:\MyFolder\*.pdf" | ForEach-Object {Start-Process $_.FullName -Verb Print}

(Search for PowerShell, run it, paste the command in, changing the folder name to match wherever you put the pdf files)