This years Schools Gymnastics Finals were held at Fenton Manor on Saturday & Sunday 20th – 21st April 2024.

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves. The results are below .



Floor and Vault

Download (XLSX, 194KB)


Acro & Tumbling

Please note that an earlier version of the Acro & Tumbling results sheet included a hidden column listing ‘disabilities’. We would like to emphasise that this was a ‘placeholder’ column left in the template file many years ago and that the ‘data’ in there was entirely fictitious.
BSGA does not even collect this information in the first place, let alone publish it. The file was corrected and updated within minutes of us being made aware of it, but such changes can take several hours to propagate around the internet.
We apologise sincerely for any upset this may have caused.

Download (XLSX, 187KB)

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