This years Schools Gymnastics Finals are being held at Fenton Manor on Saturday & Sunday 20th – 21st April 2024.

Please see the timetable below!

It is important that you submit your music by April 5th. (to


  1. Do not send files larger than 10Mb or they will not be processed properly. Use a compressed format such as ‘mp3’, NOT ‘wav’ to keep the sizes down.
  2. Name your music files with the GYMNAST NUMBER FIRST – i.e. “999 Molly Smith…” not “Molly Smith 999….”

Unless these rules are followed, there is a risk your files will not be forwarded correctly and we will end up spending hours hunting for them.



You can also order your tee shirts and hoodies  (light blue and purple this year) – please use this form. Orders by 9th April please!

See you there!

Any questions please to


Download (XLSX, 48KB)