Trampoline Zonal 2020

The Southern Zone trampoline competition for 2019-20 was held at the Rebound Centre, Gillingham on January 19th 2020.

Thanks to everyone who came along to help and to participate. You can download the results here:

Individual Results             Team Results


Entering the competition

Hi everyone

 I apologise for the delay whilst we reset the online system to accommodate individual and team entries. This is now up and running – full details of how to enter are below.

 The closing date of Friday 13th December – this is to allow for us to invite entrants to replace those that are unable to attend before the schools close down for Christmas.


Competition attire

 Schools taking part in the southern zonal round should make sure that all entrance attire complies to the current rules – Skorts will not be tolerated! 

 Any school that may have any special requirements for health and religious reasons should address these with the organiser prior to the start of competition. 



Only qualified officials will be accepted to accompany a school’s entry to the southern zonal. 

Any withdrawn official for any reason will need to be replaced by the school with an equivalent qualified person. 

If a school is unable to provide a suitable replacement they may find their entry withdrawn.  



Putting entries in for Zonal schools:

 Entries are submitted at the following website:


You can view detailed instructions on how to do your entries by viewing this file:


The short version is essentially you can set up an account and then log on with your email and a password you will be sent.  Within this account you can add as many schools as you need to.  From there you can select each school and enter the pupils, officials and coaches you need to.  Once done, you can submit each entry and you will receive an invoice by email for that entry. 

Any problems at all with entries just send Tony Fricker an email right away at

Any other queries please let Shirley/Ian know at

Kind regards

Shirley & Ian