Trampoline Zonal 2022-23

This year’s Zonal Round was held on Sunday 15th January 2023 at Jumpers Rebound Centre, Mill Road, Gillingham ME7 1HN.

The results are now in, and can be downloaded here. Please note that there were a number of adjustments to the teams results as a result of technical challenges with the scoring system. Karen has emailed all of the affected schools explaining how this will be addressed so that nobody misses out.

Huge thanks as always to the volunteers who make these events possible, and of course to the amazing trampolinists and their coaches who have worked so hard to get to this level of competition.

Congratulations to all of the qualifiers. Information and the entry form for the Finals are now available.



Entry List
You can download the start list here.  Please check this carefully for your entry and ensure that names are spelled correctly, your competitors are in the correct group and that teams/individuals are correct.  This list will be used to generate certificates and given to the t-shirt company to print their transfers.


Time of Flight & HD
Time of Flight will be in place for the Intermediate and Elite groups.  HD is electronic on all panels except for panel 1.  Training will be provided.


Check in will open at 7.45am for flight one competitors only.  There are 55 schools to get checked in for the first flight.  In order to get the competition started on time please wait until the competition has started before you check in if your competitors are not in flight 1.  Check in is on the 2nd floor.  Only one person per school to be at check in which should be the highest qualified coach for your school.  There will be 4 queues at check-in, one for each region so please ensure that you join the correct queue.  You will need to sign in and collect an envelope with your certificates and competitor wristbands AND register your school electronically on a tablet.


Officials – all to report to Mel Alesi on the 2nd Floor

Check in officials should arrive at 7.30am.  Once the initial busy period has passed please agree between yourselves a rota for manning the desk for the remainder of the day.  Once the last flight has started (or everyone is checked in, whichever is the sooner) you are free to go.  Please let Mel Alesi know you are leaving.

Refreshments and lunch
Please arrive at 8am and go to the second floor (one side of the room is being used for check-in, the other side for judges, please go to the judges side).  Please ensure that the urn is switched on and tea/coffee making is set up for the judges.  Once that is done please see Harriet Curtis so that you can bring the judges lunches in.  Outside of lunch time please ensure that the urn is topped up and the area is kept clean and tidy.  Once flight 3 is underway please set out the judges lunches so they are ready for when the judges have their lunch at the end of that flight.  After lunch please tidy up and leave anything remaining out for judges to snack on during the rest of the day and ensure that the urn is topped up regularly.

Door (spectators)
Please arrive at 7.45am ready for doors to open to spectators at 8am.  After you have checked in and collected the float you will be at a table downstairs.  Once the initial influx has subsided please agree breaks between yourselves ensuring that someone is on the desk at all times.  Once the last flight of the day is underway you are free to go, please ensure that the cash tin is handed to myself or Mel before you leave.

Door (hall)
Please arrive at 8am.  You will be on the doors to the competition hall ensuring that only competitors with wristbands, coaches and judges have access, and ensuring that footwear is removed upon entry and no food or drink is taken into the competition hall with the exception of water in sealed bottles.

Panel Judges
Please arrive at 8am.  There will be a short briefing with Mel for Chairs at 8.15am.  Please go to the competition hall at 8.30am for trial judging and system training for HD, V-Timer and the use of judge tablets.
Tea, coffee, pastries and biscuits should be available for you to have before you go to your stations.


Competitors and Spectators
The venue will open for competitors and spectators at 8am.  Competitors will not be permitted to enter the competition hall until 8.30am for the first flight warm-up.
There will be a spectator fee of £3 which is cash only.  There is no facility to pay by card.  You will be given a hand stamp as proof of payment so that you can leave and return if you wish to do so.


Officials List
Download version 4 here.  This is likely to be further updated during the week and changes will be advised to you by email and will also be requested to be posted on the BSGA website.

A letter for officials can be downloaded here, please ensure that you distribute it to your officials.


Event Programme
Click here for the event programme.  In order to cut down on cost and be more eco-friendly, printed copies will not be available at the competition so if you want to have a paper copy please print at home.


We reserve the right to run up to one hour ahead of the timetable (clearly this doesn’t apply to flight 1!)


Tariff Sheets
Tariff sheets will be required for all intermediate and elite competitors and for all disability competitors.  Time of flight will be used for intermediate and elite competitors.
Click for EliteIntermediate, Disability Novice, Disability Elite


There are parking charges at the centre car park so please ensure that you check the signage and follow the instructions to avoid getting a parking penalty.


The top 5 individuals and top 3 teams in each category will progress to National Finals which are being held on Saturday 18th March at Benham Arena in Northampton.  All information for finals will be on the BSGA website, including entry forms.

I think that’s everything!  Please look out for any update emails during the week and keep an eye on the BSGA website as any updates will also be posted there.

I look forward to seeing your all next weekend.

Best wishes