The rules for BSGA competitions are published each year in the handbook, which is normally available in September.
You can download the 2022-23 handbook here. 


General Policies

Please read the Code of Conduct and EDI Policy, which sets out expected standards of behaviour from all officials and coaches at BSGA events.


Trampoline 2022-23

The trampoline rules for 2022-23 are now available here
We have retained the extended number of qualifiers from last year and aligned the eligibility criteria with the current BG club/regional levels.
Time of Flight may be used where equipment is available.
Please read them carefully and if you are uncertain, please check with your regional trampoline competition organiser.   

Trampoline rules clarification regarding English Championships
It has been brought to our attention that the trampoline rules have omitted to mention the English Championships in relation to the eligibility requirements for Intermediate vs Elite BSGA levels.
Having reviewed the skills requirements for the English Championships, we have concluded that they shall be regarded as equivalent to the League, and therefore anyone who has competed in the English Championships is considered to be an Elite competitor for BSGA.

Trampoline rules clarification regarding allowed moves in disabilities categories
Rule 9 item 1 “Competitors shall construct their own ten bounce routines from the recognised skills in the BG Proficiency Scheme.” only applies to Novice entrants. Disabilities elite performers have the same constraints as non-disabilities elites.

Other disciplines 2022-23

Please see the handbook



There are currently no known changes to the rules in the handbook