The London Region comprises the Greater London area – although the boundary is a bit vague at times, it broadly adheres to the M25.

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Forthcoming events


Sunday 1st December 2019       Regional trampoline competition at Harlington Sports Centre, Hayes UB3 1PB.  TBC
U11, U14, U19 elite, intermediate & novice

Update 10th November:
The entries are all in and the competition details are now available from the links below.
Please check the Entry List for the correct spelling of names and notify Karen by the end of the week (Friday 15th November 2019) with any corrections needed, as this list will be the basis for certificate printing.  Once certificates have been printed we will be unable to do any reprints.

Please check the Officials list carefully.  We have used a number of competing officials for half day slots – this is the half day that they are not competing and there should be adequate time available for them to have a change of clothes and something to eat between competing and officiating.  Please also ensure that all recorders and computer operators arrive at the competition knowing how to do their role as we don’t have time to do any training at the competition and anyone not knowing how to do their role will cause delays to their panel.  There is also a letter for officials – please ensure that each one of your officials receives a copy of it.

Please download the competition programme and the timetable distribute this to parents etc as printed copies will not be available on the day.

Start lists will not be prepared until a couple of days before the event once all corrections etc have been received and processed.

Tariff sheets will be needed for ALL groups on the day of the competition as we do not have any tariff judges.  Please ensure that these are sorted by panel and ability group ahead of arrival on competition day.  If you need any assistance with these, e.g, the difficulty score for certain skills, do get in touch so that we can help you with this before we get to competition day.  Please also remember that the coach / teacher signing in your school on competition day needs to be qualified to the level of your highest performer and your students should only be performing skills that lie within your level of qualification.  If you aren’t sure whether you’re covered for something please check with me before competition day.

This information has been sent to the email addresses listed on your entry forms.  Please ensure that it is distributed to anyone else in your organisation who needs it.

We still haven’t received all payments, permissions and affiliations so please double check that all three of these vital aspects of entering have been completed.  Karen will be contacting you to remind you of any omissions, and note that if any one of them isn’t completed we will be unable to allow your school to compete.

We are delighted to welcome back professional photographer Mark Eaton from Mark In Time photography.  They will be taking fantastic actions shots throughout the day and have on site printing and production facilities so you can take photographs home with you the same day.  These would make great Christmas presents for family members so please do pay their stand a visit.

Finally, remind yourself of the Trampoline competition rules! We hate having to mark people down or disqualify them for infringements.

For those wanting judging training, we are running a course again this year.
You can download all of the information below.
Please note the closing date for entries was extended to 8th November, but has now passed.

Competition information

Organiser: Karen Gent


Sun 20th January 2020             South Zonal Finals. Gillingham

Sat 14th March 2020                  National Finals. Eastleigh


Milano Team Trio Competition

Wed  4th December   2019         Streatham & Clapham High SW16 1AW
Vault, individual and group Floor. Boys, Girls and Mixed teams.
U11, U13, U16, U19 Milano.
Organiser:  Taylor Eden    
Download the entry form here

Fri 13th   March  2020                 Milano Team National Finals U16, U19 Fenton Manor

Sat 14th March 2020                   Milano Team National Finals U11, U13 Fenton Manor


School Team Gymnastics.
Saturday Feb 8th 2020   9am- 2.00pm    U11     Lady Eleanor Holles TW12 3HF
Juniors. U11 Boys, Girls and Mixed teams. Floor and Vault          Download the entry form here

Sunday  Feb 9th  2020  9am- 2.00pm     Senior School Team Gymnastics.   Lady Eleanor Holles TW12 3HF
Seniors. U14 & U19 Boys, Girls and Mixed teams. F and V.            Download the entry form here
Organiser: Maureen Hayes

Sat 2nd May 2020         School Team Gym National Finals U11

Sun 3rd  May  2020      School Team Gym National Finals U14 & O14


Tumbling and Sports Acro

Wednesday March 11th  2020   Sutton High
Individual tumbles.  Pair and Group Acro exercises.   U11, U14, U19 Boys, Girls and Mixed    
Organiser:   Maureen Hayes
Download the entry form here

Sat 2nd  May                   U11, U14 & O14 Tumbling and U14 and O14 Acro National Finals Fenton Manor

Sun 3rd  May                       U11 and all ages disability Acro


U9 & U11 Novice  1 & 2

Sunday March 15th 2020 9am -2pm   Lady Eleanor Holles   TW12 3HF
1 Straight run of linked agilities plus vault. Boys and Girls novice teams only
Organiser:   Maureen Hayes

Sunday March 15th 2020 1.30pm – 5.00pm       English Schools Novice ( London Novice 3)
U9, U11, U13.  1 team of Boys, Girls or Mixed.  Floor, Vault and Acrobatic Pairs
Organiser:   Maureen Hayes

Previous events

You can find results from previous competitions here.



All schools MUST affiliate for the 2019/20 season from September 1st online at;

Affiliation covers Individual trampoline, Junior U11 and Senior team trampoline and all gymnastics competitions.

Competition rules are on the bsga website;


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