This page is intended for competition organisers only.

Here you can find a number of documents, tools and helpful hints about organising competitions.

If you are a gymnast or teacher looking for entry forms, please do NOT use the ones on here, as these are just templates.

The event organiser will provide the forms tailored to their specific competition.


Template entry forms (2021 onward)

We have improved the format of these forms. There is just one sheet which automatically assigns gymnast numbers when you pick your region from the drop-down box at the top.

Acro Entry Form                          Acro Disability Entry Form

Floor & Vault Entry Form         Milano Entry Form



Other forms

Accident Reporting Form

This should be filled in immediately after the incident and held on record.  A copy must be sent to the BSGA Welfare Officer / Secretary


Certificate background (Trampolining)

This can be used to pre-print blank certificates (use one of the many online printers (such as, etc), then overprint the details you want.  Be sure to choose the correct paper for your printer – coated papers don’t work well with laser printers.

Tariff Sheet (Trampolining) 


Regional Entry form template – Trampolining


Risk Assessment

Here is a useful starter. Be sure to review and adapt it for your specific venue and event!


More useful documents

Rhythmic Level 1 Routines

Team Trio Recorders Spreadsheet – Sample



These useful Judging score sheets and ‘crib sheets’ might help new (or slight rusty) judges get into the swing of things..

Vault Judging Sheet    Floor Judging Sheet   Milano and F&F  Judging Sheet 2017                          Milano and Vault Judging Sheet 2017




Competition Entry, Organisation and Scoring Software

Everyone has their own favourite, but if you’re struggling with some of the special rules for zonals, or want a tool that also helps with team editing,  timetabling and emailing, then give TScore a try.

(Note: declaration of interest!  TScore is developed by Chris, who runs the BSGA website.)

It currently does Trampolining, Synchro, DMT, Tumbling and Pole sports, but is being enhanced to add Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic and Acro.