Hi everyone,
We are delighted to announce that the first few schools events have got underway in the past two weeks, with several more over the next month.
As you know, the Trampolinists generally get the year started with our 12 Regional rounds during November and December.
So far, we have run regional events in Northern Ireland, London, South West, South East and the East, with further competitions this weekend in Yorkshire, East Midlands & West Midlands.
We have had to adopt varying levels of Covid measures according to local and national conditions, but these have been well respected in recognition of the mutual protection offered by simple rules such as mask wearing and self-testing.

We would like to congratulate the organising teams for delivering these events under such trying circumstances, and look forward to the continued support of our gymnasts and schools through the successive rounds of this great national championship.

Other disciplines are also beginning their regional events now, helping to bring a little bit of normality back after the challenges of the past 2 years, whilst remaining vigilant.

Best wishes to all of our members and volunteers as we move into the festive season.