After much discussion and confusion up and down the country with regards to the tumble run wording for this year and what is expected from the gymnasts, the final clarification for the straight run and the twisting run will now read:

1c) Each gymnast will perform three runs:

  1. Straight run
    A Round Off can be counted as one of the 5 elements and is not considered a twisting move in Run 1.

          e.g.: straight jump, round off, flic, flic straight jump or 

                straight jump, cartwheel, cartwheel, round off, tuck jump

  1. A run with twist (Change of direction e.g. half turn at the end of the run)
    If a Round Off is used it will not count as the twisting element. A separate move with a change of direction must be performed

          e.g.: straight jump, round off, flic, flic, half turn jump or 

                 straight jump, round off, jump half turn to one, round off, half turn jump 

  1. Free run of 5 elements.