The Regional Schools competition was  held on Sunday December 4th 2022 at Mellish Sports Centre, in Bulwell, Nottingham.

We had a great day’s competition with some outstanding performances all round. Many thanks to everyone for participating, officiating, organising and helping to make it happen.

Congratulations to the top 5 individuals and top 3 teams in each class, who have now qualified for the Zonal round in Hinckley on Sunday 29th January.

Please get the Zonal entries submitted to before Christmas so we can check all of the entries and get the timetable sorted early in January.

You can download the full set of results here.

You can also now download the certificate PDFs, with each gymnast’s score and ranking, so you can print them onto the blank certificates that you all collected of course!
Be sure to do a test print or two on plain paper to check the alignment and content is correct.

See you in Hinckley.

Chris and Kirsty.

P.S. Someone left what seems to be a newly purchased item of clothing behind! Contact Chris if it was you.