A very busy day at Loughborough saw some great performances from around 380 entrants for the East Midlands Regional Trampoline Competition yesterday.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers!  Please be sure to submit your entry forms for the next round – full details here.   Those who finished one or two places below qualification, watch your email, as we usually have two or three each year who are unable to attend the Zonal in February.

Correction!   Due to a computer recording error, Georgia Beresford of Long Eaton school was incorrectly given a tariff score of 0.5, although the manual sheet clearly shows 1.5.  This moves her into 3rd place for the U14 Girls Novices.
In these circumstances, it is our practice to allow the originally awarded qualifier to progress to the Zonal as well, so there are now actually be 4 individual qualifiers for that group.


  1. You do not need to get your forms for the next round signed by the school.
  2. You may substitute team members, provided at least two members of the qualifying team remain

Click here for the full set of results from the competition.

Click here for a list of the qualifiers and reserves.

As always, huge thanks to the dozens of volunteers who gave up their time to set up the event, judge, marshal, record, sell cakes etc etc. We couldn’t do it without you!