The East Midlands Regional Trampoline competition was held at Hinckley Leisure Centre on Sunday 1st December 2019.

Well done to everyone who competed at today’s event in Hinckley, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

As you can imagine, these events take a huge amount of team work to organise and run, so I’d like to extend a massive thank you to Jo, Neil and the team at Hinckley for hosting the event,
Kirsty for being MC all day and keeping it all moving along, all of the judges and officials for giving up their Sunday to help, and all of the coaches and teaching staff who could have been weeding the garden or marking homework instead.
I’d like to give a special thanks to Joan Lawther for running the scoring for me today as her first event after the training course. That made all the difference and enabled me to actually see some of you bounce!

Congratulations to all of the qualifiers. Anyone who finished in the top 3 individuals or the top 2 teams can now enter the Zonal competition.
This is in Cardiff on Saturday 18th January.
You can find all the details here:
Note that the closing date (20th Dec) is likely to be strictly enforced, so submit your entries NOW!
There is no need for all the form signing etc this time – that’s all been taken care of by the entry to today’s comp.

So it just remains for me to wish you all the best in the next round for those going to Wales, and I hope to see you all back here next year where we can make it even bigger and better!

Best wishes


You can download the results here.



Latest update: 29th Nov @10:45:  Added Gabrielle Greig

Previous changes:
To reduce impact of earlier start, Y11-14 Girls Novice is now in 2 flights. Some other changes to flights and small adjustments.
Seven more late entries and some changes – please try better next year! We have had to move the start forward 15 mins.
Added late entries for Firfield, Long Eaton, Sawley, Longmoor, Hasland Hall, Humphrey Perkins, George Spencer and UAH.
Some afternoon times pushed back by 10-15 minutes as a result.
Added Hazel Wilkes, Changed Isabella Barratt-Meldrum to Intermediate, Removed duplicate entry for Anya Garnet, added Molly Kidd and Tahlia Hallows, Changed Caitlin Van Ham and Kyra Vines from Novice to Intermediate, Corrected Grace Woolley spelling.

Entrants and Start Times



Year 1-6 Girls Intermediate Panel 1 at 11.40
1 Mia Hawkins Desford
2 Isla Anderson Burbage
3 Niamh Bourne Christ King
4 Anastasia Ramaiah Burbage
5 Amelia Durrance Merton
6 Shanay Shelton Sawley
Year 1-6 Girls Novice (1 of 2) Panel 2 at 11.40
1 Cally McDaid Village
2 Lola Smith Battling Brook A
3 Abigail Billingham Cloudside
4 Charlotte Beasley Sharnford
5 Isabelle Eason Water Leys
6 Cara Bird Carlton
7 Jessica Wilson Westfield
8 Emilie Roberts Fairfield Prep
9 Anya Garnet Prospect Hill
10 Brooke Taylor Prospect Hill
11 Megan Bowley Longmoor
12 Millie Galley Old Hall
Year 1-6 Girls Novice (2 of 2) Panel 2 at 12.15
13 Neve Kuchta Walton Holymoorside
14 Caitlin Wightman Burbage
15 Madeleine Stembridge Deer Park
16 Ella-May Taylor Battling Brook A
17 Natalie Campton Clowne
18 Evie Ibberson Battling Brook A
19 Sophie King Homefields
20 Eva Orton St. Peter’s
21 Yasmin Blocker Firfield
22 Lucy Dean Brimington
23 Isla Dean Brimington
24 Lyla Harrison Scarcliffe
Year 10-14 Girls Elite Panel 1 at 15.10
1 Jessica Ringsell Spalding
2 Emma Frost Friesland School
3 Enya Davy Outwood Portland
4 Kate Weston Hinckley Cleveland 6th
5 Katie Beveridge Dukeries Academy
6 Ailsa Kirby Rawlins Academy
7 Amy Dronfield Redmoor Academy
8 Aimee Potts Chellaston
Year 10-14 Girls Intermediate (1 of 2) Panel 1 at 13.50
1 Maggie Webster Hastings A
2 Tamsin Cleaver Robert Smyth
3 Molly Webster Hastings A
4 Naomi Bond Friesland School
5 Felicity Machin St George’s
6 Madeline Beaver Martin
7 Millie Robinson Martin
8 Elisabeth Kerr Friesland School
9 Mackenzie Holland John Port Spencer
10 Rosie Durrance Wreake Valley
11 Sian Turner Bilborough Six Form
12 Charlie Deal Retford Oaks
Year 10-14 Girls Intermediate (2 of 2) Panel 1 at 14.25
13 Maisy Law Outwood Valley
14 Sophie Beasley Hastings A
15 Katy Phelan Elizabethan
16 Millie Richardson Chellaston
17 Lily Edwards John Port Spencer
18 Abigail Finch Tupton Hall
19 Caitlin Van Ham-Smith Ashfields
20 Abi Carlin Hasland Hall
21 Hazel Wilkes Humphrey Perkins
22 Amy Williams Long Eaton A
23 Lauren Briggs Long Eaton A
24 Nicole Riley Long Eaton A
25 Amy Shemwell Hasland Hall
Year 11-14 Girls Novice (1 of 2) Panel 1 at 8.45
1 Shannah Morris Wilsthorpe
2 Mollie Mai Dolby Tupton Hall A
3 Lauren Milner Chellaston
4 Izzy Frobisher Lady Manners
5 Kaitlyn Rodgers Tupton Hall
6 Suranne Cave Tupton Hall A
7 Nikita Moore St George’s C
8 Hannah Lowe Tibshelf
Year 11-14 Girls Novice (2 of 2) Panel 1 at 9.10
9 Poppy Gill Spalding
10 Charlotte Farmer Tupton Hall A
11 Freya Murphy The Deepings A
12 Indi Fox Tupton Hall A
13 Lauren McGreskin St George’s C
14 Ella-Louise Asbrey St George’s C
15 Abbie Brown The Deepings A
16 Sophie Maclennan The Deepings A
17 Tahlia Hallows Da Vinci Academy
18 Maddie Yellop Spalding
Year 7-14 Girls Cat 1 Novice Panel 1 at 8.45
1 Chloe Ward Maplewell Hall
Year 7-14 Girls Cat 2 Novice Panel 1 at 8.45
1 Georgia Smith Limehurst
Year 7-8 Girls Novice (1 of 3) Panel 2 at 13.50
1 Macy Helps Tupton Hall A
2 Daisy Verbruggen Robert Smyth A
3 Penelope Thornton Tuxford Academy A
4 Georgia Ellis Kimberley
5 Megan Thomas Derby A
6 Lucie Reeves Kimberley B
7 Lucy Triggs John Ferneley
8 Emme Sheppard Redmoor Academy
9 Yasmin Taylor Tuxford Academy A
10 Kayleigh Cook Robert Smyth A
11 Izzy Baldock Robert Smyth A
12 Niamh Matthews-Harbron St George’s F
13 Lucy May Lugg Tupton Hall A
14 Isabelle Hemmant St George’s F
15 Lilli-Rose Cobb Tuxford Academy A
16 Millie Orpwood Derby A
17 Evie Payne Derby A
Year 7-8 Girls Novice (2 of 3) Panel 2 at 14.40
18 Scarlett Stevenson Kimberley B
19 Freya Spencer Robert Smyth A
20 Megan Adams Redhill Academy
21 Nia Fox Tupton Hall
22 Amelia Spouge Kimberley B
23 Ella Stevenson Chellaston A
24 Kira West Chellaston A
25 Grace Walton Wilsthorpe
26 Chloe Walker Kimberley B
27 Willow Gill Spalding
28 Holly Wilson Tupton Hall A
29 Olivia Tuck Robert Smyth
30 Mia Bailey The Deepings
31 Bethany Wade Tuxford Academy A
32 Charlotte Harris Murray Park
33 Emily Franklin Spalding
Year 7-8 Girls Novice (3 of 3) Panel 2 at 15.25
34 Anna Rodgers Tupton Hall A
35 Freya Gordon Chellaston A
36 Lilli-Beth Cooper-Ellis University Holbeach A
37 Ella Foster Brookfield
38 Priya Sreevalson Derby A
39 Carlie Coleman Robert Smyth
40 Katie McGee Hasland Hall
41 Sophia Traves Derby
42 Sophie Eason South Wigston
43 Molly Beardsley Friesland School
44 Molly Kidd Castle Donnington
45 Keira Dowse University Holbeach A
46 Willow Ravenscroft University Holbeach A
47 Eden Harrell University Holbeach A
48 Isabelle Harvey St George’s F
Year 7-9 Girls Elite Panel 1 at 15.10
1 Kristyna Doades Thomas Cowley
2 Abi Lawther Ivanhoe College
3 Tia Robinson Hinckley Cleveland 6th
4 Lexi-Marie Kersley The Deepings
5 Isabella Barratt-Meldrum Derby
Year 7-9 Girls Intermediate (1 of 2) Panel 1 at 10.10
1 Ellie Beasley Hastings A
2 Mya Shaw Wilsthorpe
3 Bronte Robinson Martin
4 Jessica King Chellaston
5 Sienna Mansfield Redmoor Academy
6 Lucy Lloyd St George’s A
7 Lucie Andrews St George’s B
8 Rhiannon Lee Carlton
9 Molli Wilson St George’s B
10 Daisie Haywood Dukeries Academy
11 Orla Murtagh Kimberley
12 Louise Hirst St George’s B
13 Kate Barnes John Flamsteed
14 Gabrielle Greig St George’s B
Year 7-9 Girls Intermediate (2 of 2) Panel 1 at 10.45
15 Charlotte Flook Hastings A
16 Isabel Richards John Port Spencer
17 Morgan Parsons Hastings A
18 Elodie Langan Woodbrook Vale
19 Holly Robson St George’s A
20 Katie Woodcock Tuxford Academy
21 Hannah Crooks St George’s A
22 Evie Poole Martin
23 Amrita Ramaiah Hastings A
24 Philippa King The Deepings
25 Grace Woolley Outwood Valley
26 Holly Dilks St George’s A
27 Kyra Vines University Holbeach
28 Mya Rogers Long Eaton
29 Grace Rhodes George Spencer
Year 9-10 Girls Novice (1 of 5) Panel 2 at 8.45
1 Chantal Griffiths Derby C
2 Isabel Armstrong Tupton Hall A
3 Alice Mackie St. Mary’s
4 Holly Rogers Tupton Hall B
5 Elizabeth Thornton Tuxford Academy
6 Maddie Jervis Chellaston B
7 Demi Bates Tupton Hall B
8 Chelsea Bettney Tupton Hall A
9 Megan Reid University Holbeach A
10 Eleanor Redfern Derby C
11 Ella Harrison Outwood Valley
12 Charlotte Wood Derby B
Year 9-10 Girls Novice (2 of 5) Panel 2 at 9.20
13 Paige Bailey The Deepings A
14 Chloe Sanders University Holbeach A
15 Libi Atkin Ashby School
16 Isabelle Garratt St George’s D
17 Isabelle Bambrick Brookfield
18 Ella Toomey Kimberley A
19 Maddie King The Deepings A
20 Chloe Milner Chellaston C
21 Poppy Neville Spalding
22 Remi Sandhu Soar Valley
23 Kate Rawson Outwood Valley
Year 9-10 Girls Novice (3 of 5) Panel 2 at 9.50
24 Abi Glover Bourne Academy
25 Georgia Oldfield Tibshelf
26 Lily-Mae McLearnon The Deepings A
27 Ruby Griffiths St George’s D
28 Mae Ramshaw Tupton Hall A
29 Tia Frogley University Holbeach A
30 Ava Rathbone Minster
31 Holly Gough St George’s D
32 Olivia Bett Tuxford Academy
33 Kiera Newton Wilsthorpe A
34 Hettie Munns Derby B
Year 9-10 Girls Novice (4 of 5) Panel 2 at 10.20
35 Ffion James Tupton Hall A
36 Ruby Fiddler University Holbeach A
37 Darcee Lewis Tibshelf
38 Megan Turner Alderman White
39 Evie Smith Chellaston C
40 Olivia Gordon Chellaston B
41 Amelia Thompson Wilsthorpe A
42 Jennifer Evans Netherthorpe
43 Georgie Birkin Wilsthorpe A
44 Bella Bennett Chellaston C
45 Erin Matthews-Harbron St George’s D
Year 9-10 Girls Novice (5 of 5) Panel 2 at 10.55
46 Georgia Kingham Redhill Academy
47 Amber Dimmock Chellaston B
48 Renee Pilkington Kimberley A
49 Anais Brittan Derby B
50 Megan Spencer Tupton Hall B
51 Ella Perry Kimberley A
52 Abi Towle Kimberley A
53 Ruby Chamberlaine Friesland School
54 Esme Hurst Derby C
55 Kacey Green Tupton Hall B
56 Emmi Bell Spalding
57 Carene Ellis St. Mary’s
Year 1-6 Boys Intermediate Panel 1 at 11.40
1 Carl Yates Redlands
2 Charlie Meakin Norbridge
Year 1-6 Boys Novice Panel 2 at 16.20
1 Jude Corkish Kimberley
2 Alex Bogan Edenham School
3 Edward Beale Eastfield
4 Jack Ritchie Holgate
5 Conor Shaw Longmoor Schoo;
6 Sufi Yaab Bashir Sawley
7 Brody Rhodes Hasland Jnr
Year 10-14 Boys Elite Panel 1 at 16.00
1 Chad Godwin St Pauls
2 Reece Mansfield Redmoor Academy
Year 10-14 Boys Intermediate Panel 1 at 16.00
1 Connor Edwards St George’s E
2 Kieran Dyke St George’s E
3 Harry McGrath St George’s E
4 Finley Risby Redhill Academy
5 Ben Sleath Rawlins Academy
Year 11-14 Boys Novice Panel 1 at 12.15
1 Owen Sadler The Deepings A
2 Isaac Helps Tupton Hall
3 Dylan Phillips The Deepings A
4 Jack White Chellaston
5 Ziggy Turton Chellaston
6 Harry Cardell The Deepings A
Year 7-8 Boys Novice Panel 2 at 16.20
1 Max Smith Robert Smyth
2 Ethan Holland John Port Spencer
3 Sam Yarwood Bosworth Academy
4 Benjamin Sharif-Walters Roundhill
Year 7-9 Boys Elite Panel 1 at 16.00
1 James White Outwood Portland
2 Alfie Rosam-Lee Bourne Academy
3 Leo Bovington St George’s
4 Ben Yates Rawlins Academy
Year 7-9 Boys Intermediate Panel 1 at 16.00
1 Liam Bird Carlton Academy
Year 9-10 Boys Novice Panel 1 at 12.15
1 Danila Dementjev University Holbeach A
2 Oscar Hugenholtz Wilsthorpe B
3 Billy Lowton Samworth
4 Ben Spyra Tupton Hall
5 Thomas Appleby University Holbeach A
6 Marcus Hurst Tupton Hall
7 Edward Smith Wilsthorpe B
8 Adam Crain University Holbeach A
9 Yosef Abdelmoety Wilsthorpe B